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In the regional programme, Het Nieuwe Instituut concentrates on projects with local and regional governments that have a certain urgency for a particular region. 

The linking of social issues and creative intelligence must represent added value for both parties. It is clear that the new responsibilities that local councils are faced with demand truly innovative visions and a new set of tools.

For example, the project The State of Eindhoven explores a future in which the citizens of Eindhoven and the vicinity have direct access to the government and can develop their own agencies to shape the city of the future. This is a realistic perspective given the region’s strong high-tech infrastructure, a higher-than-average number of interested professionals (including designers) and a clearly articulated interest from Eindhoven’s government.

In recent years Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Studio Rotterdam has realised several collaborative projects with the City of Rotterdam, including the creation of the Skate Park and planting within the Museumpark.